Racetrack List

 Greyhound Racetracks Operating in North America as of May 15, 2011

Birmingham RC Birmingham 1992 Year-round
Mobile GP Theodore 1973 Year-round

Tucson GP Tucson 1944 Year-round

Southland Park West Memphis 1956 Year-round [1]

Daytona Beach KC Daytona Beach 1948 Year-round
Derby Lane St. Petersburg 1925 Year-round
Ebro GT Washington Co. 1995 Seasonal
Flagler GT Miami 1932 Seasonal [1]
Jefferson County KC Monticello 1959 Seasonal
Mardi Gras RT Hollywood 1934 Seasonal [1]
Melbourne GP Melbourne 1991 Seasonal
Naples-Ft. Myers Bonita Springs 1957 Seasonal
Orange Park KC Orange Park 1946 Year-round [2]
Palm Beach KC W. Palm Beach 1932 Year-round
Pensacola GT Pensacola 1946 Seasonal
Sanford-Orlando Longwood 1935 Year-round
Sarasota KC Sarasota 1944 Seasonal

Bluffs Run Council Bluffs 1986 Year-round [1]
Dubuque GP Dubuque 1985 Seasonal [1]

Gulf Coast GT Corpus Christi 1990 Seasonal [3]
Gulf GP La Marque 1992 Year-round [4]
Valley Race Park Harlingen 2000 Seasonal

Tri-State Cross Lanes 1985 Year-round [1]
Wheeling Downs Wheeling 1976 Year-round [1]

Agua Caliente Tijuana 1940s Year-round

Racetrack Notes
[1] Offers casino-style slot machine gaming
[2] Operating as Jacksonville KC and St. Johns Greyhound Park
[3] Re-opened for simulcasting July 10, 2009 under new ownership
[4] Gulf Greyhound is the only Texas track conducting live racing in 2011

As of May 15, 2011, 24 U.S. greyhound tracks and one Mexican track
are conducting live and/or simulcast racing. The following 38 racetracks
have either closed completely, ceased live racing or have been
demolished or destroyed since 1991:
Key West Florida 1963-1991 (A)
Interstate Colorado 1971-1991 (A)
Green Mountain Vermont 1976-1992 (A)
Black Hills South Dakota 1949-1992 (A)
Yuma Arizona 1965-1993 (A)
Fox Valley Wisconsin 1990-1993 (A)
Sodrac South Dakota 1955-1994 (A)
Coeur d’Alene Idaho 1988-1995
Biscayne Florida 1926-1995 (A)
Greenetrack Alabama 1977-1996
Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin 1990-1996 (A)
Waterloo Iowa 1986-1996 (A)
Camptown GP Kansas 1995-2000
St. Johns GP Florida 1977-2000
Seminole GP Florida 1981-2001 (A)
St. Croix Meadows Wisconsin 1991-2001
Pueblo GP Colorado 1949-2002
Apache GP Arizona 1965-2004 (B)
Multnomah GP Oregon 1933-2004 (B)
Plainfield GP Connecticut 1976-2005 (A)
Geneva Lakes KC Wisconsin 1990-2005 (A)
Post Time Colorado 1948-2005
Shoreline Star Connecticut 1995-2006 (A)
Cloverleaf KC Colorado 1955-2006 (A)
Jacksonville KC Florida 1935-2007
GYI0061778868Tampa GP Florida 1933-2007
Wichita GP Kansas 1989-2007
Mile High Colorado 1949-2008
Woodlands Kansas 1989-2008
Hinsdale GP New Hampshire 1973-2008
The Lodge at Belmont New Hampshire 1975-2008
Seabrook GP New Hampshire 1973-2008

Wonderland GP Massachusetts 1935-2009
Raynham/Taunton GP Massachusetts 1940-2009
Phoenix GP Arizona 1954-2009
Dairyland GP Wisconsin 1990-2009
Twin River Rhode Island 1977-2009 (B)
VictoryLand Alabama 1984-2011 (B)
(A) No longer exists (B) Simulcasting only


Dog racing has been banned in ten states —
Maine, Virginia, Vermont, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, North
Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
(Abbreviations: RC–Race Course, GP–Greyhound Park, KC–Kennel Club, GT–Greyhound Track, RT–Racetrack)

Thanks to GREYHOUND NETWORK NEWS for compiling this list.