Note: These requirements apply to all ex-racing Greyhounds, non-registered Greyhounds, Lurchers, Staghounds and other Sighthound mixes available from MNGR.

IMG 4784LEASH OR FENCE: MNGR does not require applicants to have a fenced yard. However, we do require that adopters then be willing to walk the greyhound ON-LEASH at all times. The greyhound should NEVER be off-leash when outside a securely fenced area.

CHILDREN: MNGR does not have restrictions on the age of children in an applicant’s home. We consider each application on a case-by-case basis. If we believe that the parents in the home will take responsibility for the safety of both the children AND the greyhound, then we can place a greyhound in a home with children of any age. Applicants with children under 6 will be asked to read “Childproofing Your Dog” by Lee Livingood.

APPROVAL: MNGR reserves the right to approve or deny an application for any reason at any point in the application process. MNGR’s foremost responsibility is to the safety and well-being of the greyhounds in our care.
The following requirements correspond to the Adoption Agreement you will be asked to sign at the time of your adoption. Please let us know if you have any questions about these requirements prior to adoption.


ChesterSunlightYOU AGREE that you and your family have given due consideration to the adoption of this Greyhound, and that you are physically, emotionally, and financially able to take good care of the Greyhound for the rest of its natural life.

YOU UNDERSTAND that there will be a transition period for the Greyhound as it adjusts from track and kennel life to home life, and you will put forth your best efforts to make that transition successful.


YOU AGREE to keep the Greyhound as an inside house pet and not as an outside dog.

YOU AGREE that the Greyhound will never be staked, tied up, or chained.  

YOU AGREE that the Greyhound will not be used for breeding, research, experimentation, hunting or professional racing.


YOU AGREE that the Greyhound will be kept on a leash at all times when outdoors in any unfenced area.  

YOU AGREE that the Greyhound will never be walked or otherwise kept on a retractable leash or similar device at any time for any reason.


YOU AGREE to keep the Greyhound in good health and proper weight and fitness, and to provide at least annual veterinary examinations, current vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and worming.  

YOU AGREE to provide the Greyhound with heartworm preventative either monthly or on a year-round basis.  

YOU UNDERSTAND that all veterinary expenses for the greyhound are solely your responsibility.


YOU AGREE that if, for any reason at any time, you is unable or unwilling to keep the Greyhound, the Greyhound will be returned to MNGR.  Neither ownership nor possession of the Greyhound will be transferred to any person or entity without the express written consent of MNGR.  

YOU UNDERSTAND that the adoption fee is a donation, and is non-refundable after the two-week trial period.


YOU AGREE to keep on the Greyhound at all times a martingale collar with an identification tag and the MNGR tag attached to it.

YOU AGREE to notify MNGR immediately if the Greyhound is lost, stolen, or dies.  

YOU AGREE to notify MNGR of any change of address and/or phone numbers.


YOU UNDERSTAND that MNGR reserves the right to follow up on this adoption by a personal visit to the premises.

YOU UNDERSTAND that if you violate or otherwise fail to comply with any of the provisions of the Adoption Agreement, or if any misrepresentations have been made to MNGR, ownership of the Greyhound shall revert to MNGR, which shall be immediately entitled to possession of the Greyhound and shall have the right to take the Greyhound without notice.


YOU AGREE to take the Greyhound “as is” with all defects observable or unobservable, known and unknown, and assumes full responsibility for the dog.  Though MNGR has attempted to determine the physical condition and temperament of each Greyhound that comes into its adoption program, no warranty is made as to the physical condition or temperament of the Greyhound.