There are lots of things you can to do help MNGR!

HankAttend Meet 'n' Greets
We always need people to help at Meet 'n' Greets and other events. Please bring your greyhound along! We need help holding adoptable dogs, answering questions about greyhounds, and talking with potential adopters. Plus, your greyhound will enjoy hanging out with some of his old buddies! If you would like to help out at an event, contact Jen. You can also always just show up at any scheduled event.

Be a Foster Home
MNGR sometimes uses foster homes to work with difficult-to-place dogs (issues such as shyness, separation anxiety, housetraining, etc.), or in emergency situations (where we absolutely need to take in a dog but our kennels are full). It's typically best if you have a greyhound or have had one before, but not required. Ability and willingness to work with behavior and socialization issues is necessary. If you think you would like to volunteer as a foster home, the process is much like that which an adopter would experience. Please complete the application to apply as a foster home. If you've adopted from MNGR before, no need to fill out the app, just send us an email.

Are you able to drive one or more greyhounds to vet appointments, to 'auditions' with potential adopters, or to their new forever homes? Please let us know if we can contact you when we need a Canine Chauffeur. We could especially use someone willing to occasionally make runs to receive hounds from the tracks. We meet haulers coming from Kansas, and also pick up Florida dogs at a meeting point near Mauston, WI.