Lakes Veterinary and Surgical Center
A HUGE Thank You to Dr. Meaghan Swensen for the greyt discount on our spay/neuters!!!
Please take your pups to Dr. Meaghan and support Lakes Vet Clinic!

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic
This is MNGR's Rochester vet! Thanks to Dr. Kelly for all your help with our hounds!

Ohio State University Greyhound Wellness Program
The nation’s experts on greyhound health. Free consults for greyhound owners!

GreytHealth GreytHealth
A collection of articles by greyhound vet Dr Suzanne Stack, DVM.

How to Grade Your Dog’s Food
A guide to assessing the nutritional content of your dog food.

Dog Food Advisor
Dog food reviews by brand.

AEVS – Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services
AEVS operates 7 emergency vet hospitals in the Twin Cities area. Find their contact info here!


Celebrating Greyhound Magazine
Celebrating Greyhounds is a quarterly publication for Greyhound adopters, owners, and friends.

Greytalk exists to provide people with a unique, fun and informative place to discuss the many facets of owning retired racing greyhounds.

Find your hound’s racing history, lineage and more.

Greyhound Reach the Beach
The granddaddy of all greyhound events: Dewey Beach, DE


Jen of MNGR does dog boarding in her at-home kennel. You will not find a more grey-friendly boarding environment. Non-greys accepted as well!

Pretty Good Dog - Positive Solutions for the Family Pet
Behavior problems? We recommend Kate Anders at Pretty Good Dog. She also offers classes for families on living together with dogs and babies or small children!

Lakes Veterinary and Surgical Center
A HUGE Thank You to Dr. Meaghan Swensen for the greyt discount on our spay/neuters!!!?Please take your pups to Dr. Meaghan and support Lakes Vet Clinic! Meg is a greyhound mom with tons of hound experience.

Pet Yard Pickup

Personal friends of MNGR, their motto is “We do doo-doo so you don’t have to.” This locally-owned company does an awesome job for reasonable prices.


Across the country, GREY2K USA is achieving victories for greyhound protection. From informing the media about greyhound abuse to defeating industry bills that would subsidize racing cruelty, we are hard at work to end dog racing.

Greyhound Protection League
The work of the Greyhound Protection League is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of gentle, trusting greyhounds slaughtered in more than seventy years of parimutuel dog racing in America.

Greyhound Network News
If you are concerned about the plight of racing dogs and want to become involved in the growing greyhound advocacy movement, you need to keep up-to-date on the latest events that concern the dog racing industry. GNN, in print for more than a decade, continues to be the primary source of information about the industry's most vulnerable component - the greyhounds.

American European Greyhound Alliance
The American European Greyhound Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated solely to the welfare of greyhounds in the United States and abroad. Their website provides updates on the condition of greyhound welfare worldwide.

Operation Scooby
Operation Scooby's goal is to provide at least one medical team each year to travel to Spain and provide surgical services to galgos at the close of the hunting season.

Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta
Living Down South This is the place to go! The Six Founding Hounds of MNGR were adopted here from our friend Mr Carl!