AnnieJammiesGreyhound Goodies

Minnesota Greyhounds Etsy Store
Unique greyhounds jewelry, art, prints and more! All proceeds benefit MNGR

Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine
Celebrating Greyhounds is a quarterly publication for Greyhound adopters, owners, and friends.

BowWow Bonnets
Fabulous hats for the fasion-conscious canine.

2 Hounds Design
Collars and accessories for the well-dressed hound.

Burpdog Biscuits
Everybody's favorite treats, with no wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.

Kris Koats
Warm fleece coats made by a greyhound mom. All profits donated to rescue groups!

Northcoats Greyhound Support
Northcoats Greyhound exists to raise money for geryhound rescue groups! Check out their unique jewelry, home decor, and everyhound's favorite SCREAMING MONKEYS!

Greyhound Gang
Nutrition supplements, and weekly auctions of various goodies to benefit adoption.

Wally Beds
Some of the nicest, comfiest beds we've found. Washable, removable covers. Tell her you have retired greyhounds, and she just may give you a discount!

Mother Bunny (Aid4Greys)
The hounds say:"These are the bestest toys ever!"
The mom says: " These are handmade by a greyhound mom, to benefit greyhound adoption!"

The most Creative Greyhound Sculptures you'll ever see!

Sarah Regan Snavely
Stunning greyhound sculpture, memory boxes and pendants.

If it's got to do with a greyhound, we can probably tell you where to get it. Email Jen at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are looking for something you don't see here.