Whitey4Ways to Keep Your Greyhound Safe

-Your dog should be wearing a well-fitting collar at all times. Routinely check the adjustment of the collar to make sure it is not too loose.

-ALWAYS have identification tags on your dogs with your phone number.

-If the jingle of the tags bothers you, buy a tag silencer or a tag that slides onto the side of the collar – but do NOT go without tags!

-Your greyhound should never, ever be off leash unless you are in a securely fenced area with all gates closed. When walking on lead, wrap the leash loop around your wrist then hold the leash in your hand.

-Put the leash on your hound BEFORE opening the door.

-NEVER use a flexi-lead (retractable leash). If you drop the handle and your dog takes off, they will be frightened by the plastic handle chasing behind. When the lead is at full-length, your greyhound can reach his top speed and break the leash easily.

-Always visually check that all gates to your yard are closed BEFORE letting your dog out.

0021-If you have small children, train the kids that ONLY adults open doors to the outside. Consider installing a latch or chain at the top edge of the door so that children cannot open the door without help from a grownup.

-Consider having gates that can only be opened from the inside so that people/neighbors cannot simply walk in. Or place clips on the gate latches that children cannot easily undo.

-Post signs at your gates letting people know that dogs may be in the yard, and saying “Please Keep Gate Closed!”

-If you are running your dog in a fenced-in area, check the perimeter is secure and the gates are closed.

-If you are traveling with your dog, always put on  temporary identification including where you are staying and your cell phone numbers.

-Seasonal dangers: Fireworks and thunderstorms can be terrifying to dogs, and each year we hear of dogs bolting from their yards in fear. Even if you have a fenced yard, consider taking your dog out on-leash during these times. If you have a door with a screen on top only, remove the screen window to the storm door to give out the Halloween candy so that the door can remain closed. Consider a baby gate as an additional barrier if you are entertaining.

-NEVER leave your dogs outside alone. Dogs can do some pretty amazing things if they become panicked including scaling a 6-foot  fence or higher, or digging under it.

-Microchip! This does not prevent a lost dog, but may help your dog return to you if he does become lost.