Recovery Checklist

IMG 6997 edited-1- Contact your adoption group (Jen at 651-245-8791, Lloyd at 651-245-2861, Kelly at 507-272-3467.)

- Contact the Lost Hound Network (Kari at 612-310-0765 or Michael 651.755.0780).

- Contact local police and inform them that you have lost your greyhound and that you will be putting up flyers to search for him/her. Also indicate that as soon as the dog is found, they will be taken down.

- Post on the Greytalk AMBER alert

- Contact local and surrounding town dog officer/animal controls, local humane societies and local vet clinics and animal emergency hospitals.

- Use our Lost Dog Template to create a poster for your missing greyhound. Make sure the contact number is one where you can be reached immediately 24/7.

- Have at least 500 posters printed on bright paper to be posted

- Charge your cell phone and have your emergency contact phone on your person at all times. Make sure your outgoing message provides instructions on what information to leave and another number to call if possible in the event that you miss the call.

- Contact the local animal shelters, vets and animal hospitals. Have the information of the nearest emergency vet available.

- If you live near a highway, contact local state highway department.

- Ask the post office if they will post the information and communicate to the mail carriers.

- Print a map of your town and make copies for your volunteers to know where to look or to post flyers.

- Ask local businesses including gas stations to post flyers.

- Ask the local school(s) to make an announcement.

Lost Dog Recovery Kit

~ Large flashlight
~ Cell phone or walkie-talkies fully charged
~ Staple guns with extra staples
~ Duct tape
~ Extra leash, collar and harness For Night Searches
~ Proper weather gear for you and your hound
~ Reflective wear for human and greys
~ Glow stick
~ Map of town and highlighter or GPS
~ Can of wet, smelly food or tuna and smelly treats & food bowls
~ Water
~ Pens & paper
~ Clip board, paper
~ Small pocket mirror for spooky hounds with whom you can’t make eye contact
~ Clear tape for business windows
~ Change of socks & shoes
~ Bug spray
~ Small first aid kit
~ Extra batteries for flashlight
~ Car charger for cell phone
~ Squawker